Volunteers & Partnerships That Works for the Benefit of All:

COSAD’s treasured strength and uniqueness lie in its ability to align community programs with both local and international resources to develop creative strategic partnerships. COSAD is a premier network of impact volunteerism.


At its core, COSAD-Tanzania is a “bridge” between volunteers who want to make an impact, and local partners on the ground who believe in COSAD mission and are eager to work alongside of volunteers to reach these goals.

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Our community partnerships create a chance for each individual who is willing to make a personal contribution to experience hands-on learning about Tanzanian communities and culture and exchange ideas with people of diverse talents and background. These programs enable them to focus on community development and relationship building without compromising their basic needs or safety.


Sample List of International Partners.

  • Global Citizen Network (GCN), Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Edina Covenant Church, Minnesota, USA
  • Northeast Bank, Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Rice Hospital, Willmar, Minnesota
  • Affiliated Community Medical Centers (ACMC), Willmar, Minnesota
  • North Country Regional Hospital Nurses, Bemidji, Minnesota
  • Mount Olivet Lutheran Church, Plymouth, Minnesota
  • St Barnabas Anglican Church, Calgary, Canada
  • COSAD-Canada, Calgary, Canada (The Davenports Family)
  • Books for Africa, St. Paul, Minnesota USA.
  • Friends of Bruce Lane Johnson Community Library in Bukoba
  • Peter Young & Family, Newfoundland, Canada
  • Christ the King Lutheran Church, Hutchinson, Minnesota, USA
  • Susan McCormick Hadley Family
  •  Rotary Club of Minneapolis. And Rotary International

Local Partners in Tanzania (Institutions)

  • Rotary Club Of Bukoba,
  • Local and Regional Government, Kagera Region
  • The Ministry of Health & Social Welfare, Tanzania
  • ROMME Center, Dar es Salaam (Projects Evaluation & Resource Mobilization)
  • The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania
  • The Catholic Church, Tanzania
  • The Ministry of Home Affairs, Tanzania
  • The US Embassy in Tanzania