COSAD Social Enterprise Businesses:

COSAD Social enterprise projects were designed to make COSAD a more self-sustaining organization without depending on a charity model that has plagued many NGOs.  The revenue/profit generated from these social businesses are re-invested into social cause such as expanding OWOG (One Woman, One Goat)-which will provide milk for breakfast to feed school children, or training more CHWs (Community Health Workers); proving Nursing Scholarships and but not limited to renovating Community Public Schools as well as buying uniforms to the needy/orphans through a innovative project called “Sewing Singers”.

In October 2014 COSAD made an unprecedented leap of history by launching which is arguably the biggest event in region known as the GRAND OPENINGS of the following businesses:


  • The COSAD Medical Clinic and Diagnostic Center
  • Women Cooperative Goat Farm
  • The Bukoba Business and Community Resource Center
  • Imuka Recording Studio & Cultural Creativity Center

The COSAD International Volunteers Resource Center