Our Core Values

  1. We commit ourselves to the fullest extent of accountability and responsibility in all aspects of life in pursuit of human development.
  2. We solemnly pledge to exercise the highest degree of responsibility in matters related to the organization’s funds and transparency in all activities, equally so holding ourselves accountable to the highest ethical, moral and professional standards.
  3. All COSAD staff, partners and volunteers must be guided by the belief that “African communities are NOT a problem waiting to be solved. They are equal partners in search for solutions for a better future”.
  4. COSAD’s treasured strength and uniqueness lie in its ability to align the programs with both local and international resources to develop creative partnerships.
  5. COSAD prides itself for its originality of creative ideas and models to solve community challenges and bring dignity to all people without regard of their race, origin, religion, political affiliations, gender, etc.