Economic Empowerment: TACE (Tanzania Community Enterprise) Initiative :

COSAD’s One Woman, One Goat (OWOG) project: what started as a one goat donation to a widow by a Minnesotan couple who were visiting Bukoba in 2008 has now grown into over 300 families with goats and several cooperative goat farms in Kagondo, Kangabusharo and Izigo villages in Kagera region.  In addition to goats, the program provides solutions for water shortage by building water retention systems essential for milk production and goat growth as well as family consumption.


Micro-grants and Loans involve lending to groups who engage in basket weaving, drum making, sewing school children’s uniforms especially the orphans and handcrafts. With such grants or loans the social enterprise business partners guarantee to provide both mentorship and market outlets.


Educational Program: Community Schools and COSAD Learning Centers


Guided by a vision that sustainable development requires enlightened and informed citizens, the COSAD Community Centers are designed to instill the culture of inquiry mind and continued learning among the people. Also they serve as resources for civic education as well as healthy, environmental awareness and business development. To-date, three Community Centers have been opened at Kiteyagwa (The Bruce Lane Johnson Community Library), Kagondo, COSAD-Izigo and Kangabusharo.  Through partnership with community schools we also provide educational scholarships


Health Initiatives: Community Health Awareness Initiative

Community Health Awareness Initiative (CHAI) is a COSAD support program. CHAI uses a holistic approach to promote health through education and preventive measures essential to community and human development. In order for an individual to take advantage of an economic opportunity, they and their family members must be physically healthy. Otherwise, they will not have the physical and emotional energy to move themselves out of poverty.



CHAI’s vision is to initiate and foster the development of a public health infrastructure utilizing local people (Community Health Workers or CHWs) who work on volunteer basis to improve the health of the people in the rural areas of Bukoba by teaching preventive practices and health education.Todate COSAD has provided scholarships for four nurses who will in turn work as CHAI coordinators in four rural communities of Bukoba. COSAD Tanzania is currently working with 30 volunteer CHWs who work with 8,564 families through public health education.

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