Written by Brittany Leitch

On My Way Out | New Community Partner | Kagya Village

In June, COSAD formalized a new partnerships with a Village called Kagya, about 30 km outside of Bukoba town. The GCN/ FAIR Student Volunteers and Dr. Brant Barr joined us the day we went to launch COSAD’s partnership with Kagya Village. 

As the bus ride began & we drove further away from Bukoba, the dirt roads and beautiful valleys became eerily familiar to me… I didn’t realize I had been to this village over a year ago with the church choir! I was quite proud of myself for recognizing every turn and tree in the absence of street signs and google maps. In a way, that moment of recognition proved to me how far I’ve come- that the vast majority of the Kagera Region had indeed become “my place” and my home.

We held the partnering event on the grounds of the village hospital in Kagya. Kagya is also the birthplace of the COSAD Clinic’s Landlord, Mr. Julius Ndyetabula. Kagya’s community leaders, village members, and hospital staff came to welcome us. The need in village hospitals is sobering. COSAD donated supplies and linens from the COSAD Clinic to begin our partnership, and I look forward to see how we will be able to offer more support as we move forward together.

Starting the hospital tour; pictured behind is the hospital’s laboratory. 
The laboratory has two work rooms, but supplies were minimal- a microscope and a few test pictured in the corner.  
Touring the hospital: pictured is the large “reception” room, and five rooms designated for different medical purposes.

Greeting and playing games with the kids..
Lunch prepared by the community.

Buying some fruit and other items in Kagya before heading back to Bukoba…
 COSAD Clinic’s Landlord, Mr. Julius Ndyetabula, is pictured (middle, pink-ish colored shirt) touring the COSAD Clinic just after the Grand Opening in 2014. He has been a terrific landlord. He lives in South Africa, and continues to support our local communities in whatever ways he can.