Written by Brittany Leitch

The See-You-Later Moment | GCN | FAIR School

This weekend will mark two weeks since COSAD said goodbye to our volunteers from GCN & FAIR School. The Sunday before they departed, we spent all-day relaxing, eating, doing a bit of work in the container, and enjoying each other’s company before they started their journey home. One of the students said it best when they said, “This isn’t goodbye, this is a see-you-later moment.” Everyone agreed! I couldn’t have imagined a more open, accepting, fun and generous group of individuals to spend two weeks with in our communities. You each are simply wonderful. As Smart wisely said, Bukoba is now your second home, you are always welcome here! I can’t wait to see what is next for y’all!  See you in Minnesota! 

The entire group gathers- sharing stories and songs.

Each of our volunteers gave a short speech.. 

And teaching Smart a few new MN slang terms.. :)