Written by Brittany Leitch

Goat Pens (Third Day of Construction) & Baskets in Kitwe | GCN | OWOG

Thursday, the volunteers finished their second goat pen and started on their third! After the labor-intensive part of the day was finished, we went to Kitwe Village to re-visit the group of women who weave baskets. Our first trip to Kitwe Village happened before the group had exchanged money, so after several requests we made sure to reserve an afternoon to buy baskets- which contributes to the local economy and community empowerment programs. The group also bought freshly harvested coffee (yum!). After collecting baskets and coffee, we visited a nearby school one of the team members had help build nearly five years ago.  She had taken a previous trip with GCN to work with COSAD, and they spent their time working at the school with all the kids helping out!  The building is now fully-functioning, and makes up a significant portion of the school’s usable classrooms.

It was a beautiful day!





Ma Amelia finishing a basket purchased by one of the group members.



The long (red) dirt road reaching far into the village where the school is.
Pictured is the school building constructed with the help of a previous GCN group.