Written by Brittany Leitch

Giving Goats | GCN | OWOG

Friday was the last day volunteers worked on goat pens in Kagondo Village.  When we arrived in the village, we found our third pen practically finished (thanks to a very ambitious and excited participant), helped finish a fourth pen, and started a fifth pen. The students were forced to measure and construct the goat pens without help from the local experts for the entire day, and they did it! I was very impressed, and the pens turned out great. Everyone was exhausted to the point of clumsiness by the end of the day. :)

On Saturday morning, the group re-visited Kagondo Village to survey and approve each home & goat pen. Once each pen was approved, the women hopped on our bus and drove with us to the goat farm to receive their goats!
In a beautiful ceremony, each students gave one woman her goat. It was neat to experience the end result of GCN/FAIR Students’ generous donation and hard work. The women walked away singing & smiling..
Lunch Break!

**Saturday Giving Goats**

The first of ten goats being given by the volunteers.

Gathering briefly after all women received their goat.

…and finally- the women starting their journey back to their homes, with their goats!