Written by Brittany Leitch

Goat Pens Under Construction | GCN | OWOG

On Tuesday, our GCN / FAIR School Volunteers started building goat pens in Kagondo Village. There were plenty of local professionals on site the first day teaching the group how to build the goat pens. We also had men specializing in gutters, masonry, and painting present. As we have discovered over the years, even the most skilled construction worker from overseas needs some guidance from local professionals to catch on to the system of construction work in Bukoba. After the first day of learning to build goat pens, the volunteers jumped right in and were “pros” themselves by the third day!  

My favorite part of the first day was going to fetch water. We each took a large bucket down to a spring less than a half-mile away, but we completely underestimated how difficult it would be to walk them back to the construction site. I have never felt so ungraceful and inexperienced than when I was struggling with my (our) buckets while walking next to a mother and her young daughter effortlessly carrying larger buckets than mine on their heads. Furthermore, it was obvious where our group had walked, as our water was splashing EVERYWHERE! It was nice to be reminded we all have vastly different talents, and I certainly enjoyed taking that moment to appreciate the women (and men) who have perfected the art of carrying water, because I certainly have not!
Pictured below is Tuesday & Wednesday.. Stay turned for more pictures soon!
Mixing cement for the Water Retention System (WRS).
Getting to know the neighbors..
Building the base for the WRS’s SIM tank.



Quick photo of the first pen (not quite completed)!




First of two water trips!
Helping our neighbor get ready for her walk back home, with a full bucket of water.
Our journey back home with buckets of water…