Written by Brittany Leitch

A Community Celebration | OWOG | GCN

On Friday afternoon, the GCN-FAIR students attended an event hosted by COSAD & Rotary Club of Bukoba celebrating the launch of the OWOG expansion that will give over 200 women goats through the OWOG Program. There were countless community partners and cherished friends among the special guests & attendees. Though not “legally” a part of this specific COSAD-Rotary partnership, the GCN-FAIR students are still equal partners in the OWOG expansion, as they provided for an additional group of 10 women to be enrolled in Kagondo. 


I grew quite sentimental during the event.. After over a year in the community, I saw more familiar faces than unfamiliar ones. Specifically, it was moving for me to personally know the hours of hard work each person invested in their own way to build our community programs & to launch this OWOG partnership between COSAD & Rotary Club of Bukoba. 

It was a night to remember, packed with cultural dancing, singing, speeches, food, and fellowship!

GCN-FAIR students and leaders arriving.
CRDB Bank Manager Mr. Sendwa arriving.
Whether they were already a part of the OWOG program or soon to be, women came from many partnering villages to celebrate together.
Being a facility for the community already (and with enough outdoor space), the COSAD Clinic made the perfect grounds to host the event.
Choirs singing for the crowd..
Dancers entertaining the crowd..
And a few others joining in the fun!
The arrival of the Regional Commissioner of Kagera, Hon. John VK Mongella. Sincerest thanks to Hon. Mongella for his leadership in our communities and for supporting our COSAD-Rotary partnership!
Pictured is the Past President of the Rotary Club, Mr. Johansen Rutabingwa, addressing the crowd. To his left is the current President of Rotary Club in Bukoba, Mr. Archard Ngemela.

There was no shortage of amazing performances, and as dinner began, so did a riveting performance of cultural dances with ground-shaking drum beats!
Soon enough, the rest of the crowd joined in, dancing into the night.