Written by Brittany Leitch

OWOG Partnering with the Rotary Club

(In an attempt to keep our readers clearly informed about the various projects going on this month, I’ll be labelling blogs as clearly as possible.. Thank you for being a part of what we are doing!)

Here at COSAD, we are continually humbled to witness the unwavering support for the OWOG program.  It is by far the most popular community program COSAD has ever launched, and it continues to grow exponentially through local and international support. 

This month (June 2015) Rotary International, Bukoba Rotary Club and COSAD began a partnership that will give 200 women goats through the OWOG program. The COSAD office team spent the last two weeks organizing and profiling new groups of women for the Rotary/COSAD OWOG expansion.

Below you can see the “before and after” photos… So far, three groups have been given goats, which leaves about 17 groups to go!  

Stay tuned for more pictures of OWOG – COSAD/ Rotary partnership!

Step #1- Profiling and Choosing Groups
*A community leader (woman) works with COSAD and the village women to arrange and help choose groups whom are likely to be good candidates and successful in the program.  

The women are given a small stipend to assist in building their goat pennies, but they are expected to provide local materials and labor (they have approximately two weeks to build the goat pen). 
Step #2- Water Retention Systems
*One system is installed at a central house for each group member to use.
Step #3- Giving Goats!
*Our veterinarian takes the lead in selecting and documenting goats given. Typically, the ceremony involves many smiles, dancing, and singing!