Written by Brittany Leitch

Share the Love | Dr. Baitani & Dr. Barr Arrive!

On Monday (today!), Dr. Jessica Baitani returned to COSAD Clinic after being away for six months. Arriving with her was several new pieces of equipment for the clinic, including a portable ultrasound machine! Returning clients were thrilled to see Dr. Baitani back in Bukoba, and many other clients came to see her for the first time today.

It was Dr. Brant Barr’s very first day working at COSAD Clinic. He was warmly received, easing into the culture effortlessly. Dr. Barr is an OBGYN who has practiced in the US for more than 30 years, and has done remarkable medical volunteer work in South Africa and other international locations. We are incredibly lucky to have him in Bukoba, where it is difficult to find specialists for women’s health. Within the first hour, Dr. Barr had the new ultrasound machine set up, and was beginning to see clients.

The COSAD Clinic team – almost complete! We will welcome Ms.Victoria Kiwanuka (International Volunteer RN) back to the clinic this week!
Dr. Barr taking a rest after arranging his office :)
Dr. Baitani settling into her office.
Getting a super-fast tour of the clinic before starting work!
Setting up the ultrasound machine…

Ending the day: Clinic Officer Gerald and Laboratory Technician Egbert going through appointments for Tuesday before closing time.