Written by Brittany Leitch

Kiteyagwa Soccer Day

Thanks to COSAD’s “Container Day”, we found 22 pairs of sport shorts packed neatly in the container between medical sheets and supplies.  Between my excitement and COSAD’s generosity, the shorts were quickly donated to Kiteyagwa’s sports program!  Right now, the shorts are being used for the girls’ soccer team.  Today at practice I couldn’t stop smiling and commenting on how great the team looked in their uniforms (which is why I’m blogging so I can share pics) 😉  Admittedly, we are still limited on equipment, but slowly and surely we find ways to make due.  We have 11 jerseys which is why the “uniformed” girls look sparse in pictures, but 11 jerseys are all a team needs to play in a match, so it works!  Socks, shinguards and shoes are “optional” at this point, but hopefully we can see some provision in this area too.

Today at practice, the team started to learn a new passing drill.  I tried this drill last month with one group, but it seemed like a lost cause.  Today, more than half of the team caught on to the passing drill which made me a very happy coach!  

Jerseys and new shorts counted and ready for practice!

Within the Kiteyagwa girls’ soccer program, we have two “teams” – A&B.  They were once used to arrange scrimmages, but now the girls have a friendly rivalry and don’t take kindly to exchanging players between “teams”.  They have learned each other’s playing styles & are developing some chemistry, so I don’t blame them too much :) .  Pictured is team “B” getting to wear the full uniform for the first time.  Next week it will be A’s turn..