Written by Brittany Leitch

COSAD “Family” Day

February started with what COSAD calls “Container Day”, but what could have been better described as “Family Day”.  On the first of February, COSAD staff opened our shipping container filled with medical equipment to retrieve items for the clinic and organize (which will continue at a later date!).  We also crossed a few valuable non-clinic items, like gym shorts to dress the girls soccer team in uniform for their first scrimmage against a neighbooring school!  :) :) 

Simultaneously, another group was preparing a big feast and birthday bash for after the “work” was done.  It turned out to be a loooong day, but one of our best days!  

Later that week, the COSAD Clinic gained a “resident volunteer” who just moved back to Bukoba after living in the USA.  Ms. Victoria Kiwnuka has worked as a registered nurse for over 35 years in Tanzania and in the USA, and has already played a major role mentoring our staff members and contributing to the nursing department.  She also happened to be with us as we met with the NHIF insurance company representative.  Hopefully we will be able to accept insurance very soon!!  

Some tired out faster than others…
Starting early with dinner preparations. 

Frida and Monica celebrating birthdays!
On an introduction tour of COSAD with Ms. Victoria Kiwnuka (volunteer nurse).
Above & Below: The clinic’s first meeting with the insurance company.