Written by Brittany Leitch

True to Our Roots

Last week was pretty great.  The clinic was open, so there was plenty of work to be done administratively.  Being a part of the beginning stages of the COSAD Clinic has been eye-opening for me in many ways.  First and foremost, I realised how scary and risky opening any type of business is- especially one that require a huge amount of finances and resources before it launches.  It is also exciting- really exciting- watching the clinic’s staff carry out their jobs, and seeing patients come to receive services.  I am so surprised how much I am enjoying the business part of things!

At COSAD, we say that these Social Enterprise (SE) projects are being opened for the very people COSAD was created to help.  With the hype of the Grand Openings and the effort required for opening and sustaining three separate ‘businesses’ all at the same time, it is reasonable for one to conclude that our communities and programs would have to be “set aside” as things settle down… right?  NOT AT ALL!!!!!!  One of many things I can say with great joy and delight is with all of the efforts we have to put into the Social Enterprise projects, our leaders have made sure we do not delay any work in our communities and programs.  Smart is leading our team by executing our priorities correctly to make sure our SE projects are for the people COSAD was created to help, and we look forward to see their lives and dignity improve dramatically as our projects become stronger!  

Thus, we are busy at work arranging to building a water retention system in Kangabusharo Village by the end of the month (to expand the OWOG program), and connecting our village partners to the services at the clinic.  I can’t tell you how happy this makes me.  Mr. and Mrs. Olson joined us in the village last week to look into the possibility of starting work on the water retention system, and at the same time they brought reading glasses from the clinic to offer service to our partners’, and their neighbors, relatives, and friends.

Someone super cute coming to visit their mom at the Clinic!
The CEO’s office at the clinic; make due with what you have, right?

Butch Olson, Mpesha & Smart brainstorming for the water retention system.
Butch and Karen providing reading glasses services at Amelia’s home in Kangabusharo Village.

The “hosts” (our partners) at Amelia’s home after reading-glasses services were provided to their neighbors and friends.