Written by Brittany Leitch

COSAD Clinic’s First Partnership- A Success!

Friday’s partnership event with Mr. & Mrs. Butch and Karen Olson was a success on several levels!  Mr. and Mrs. Olson had over 500 reading glasses available to fit and provide to our clients, they had hand-made glasses cases for the glasses made by a church group in Minnesota, and they also did other minor checking of eyes as well.  We received good feedback, and many asked when/if we would be getting a refractor (I hope in time we will partner to bring one!). Many community partners from Izigo, Kangabusharo, Kagondo, and teachers from the area came to participate in our first partnership event.  We also had a number of community members who came to the event as well.  I don’t have the specific count yet (I will soon), but I estimate we had over 100 people come through the clinic Friday morning and afternoon.  

We also found the day to be incredibly helpful to solidify minor adjustments and needs of the clinic.  For the first half-hour, I kept thinking how crazy it was that I was trying to help run tactical aspects of an establishment that I know nothing (in comparison to others) about… But then I was reminded of our clinic team: thanks to Mr. Smart Baitani, Dr. Jessica Baitani, and Dr. Rwebangira, COSAD is blessed to have assembled a team of bright, competent and driven medical professionals that know exactly what they are doing.  Praise God.  I am continually amazed how things manage to fall into place (even after a lot of hard work)!  Our team did awesome!

*Special thanks to Mc Baraka & Bukobawadau (again!) for providing photos.