Written by Brittany Leitch

COSAD Clinic’s First International Volunteer Partnership: Reading Glasses

Butch and Karen Olson are in Bukoba, TZ this month with over 300 pair of reading glasses to fit & sell* to kick-start the COSAD Clinic!  Mr. and Mrs. Olson are from Minnesota, USA and are Board Members of Vision Honduras.  We are thrilled they are in Bukoba to offer their expertise!  Individuals of many talents, Mr. and Mrs. Olson have also offered to take over the construction of the clinic’s outdoor resting pavilion’s renovation the week prior to the their reading glasses event at the clinic. 

As you can see in pictures below, our pharmacy is looking fantastic after a van full of medicine & supplies arrived from Mwanza early last week.  Dr. Jessica Baitani has really pulled every aspect of the clinic together with the help of COSAD personnel, and we are excited for what is ahead (especially for Friday’s first International “Medical” Volunteer Partnership Event with the Olson’s!!! – More pictures to come this weekend!)

*All proceeds will go to support clinic operations.